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The Uccello Kettle – Now in 4 Colours!

Posted by Mike Phipps on October 5, 2021

You Can Now Enjoy Your Daily Cuppa Easily With The Uccello Kettle Daily Living Aid

Shows the Uccello kettle in 4 colours ways

We absolutely love this unique combined kettle and tipper and it appears the rest of the world does too! With over 300,000 people now able to benefit from this ingenious daily living aid, the Uccello kettle really is a unique and elegant item which will fit into most kitchens.

A black and white picture of Andy DePetra

The Uccello kettle is named after the Italian word for “little bird” and was designed by a gentleman called Andy DePetra.

Andy was a designer by profession and in 2011 he was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis.

He found that his body was not able to do many of the things he used to take for granted and one of these was making his favourite morning cup of coffee. 

Being Italian, drinking fine coffee was a daily treat for Andy and he became increasingly frustrated that he was unable to easily boil and pour the water for himself.

Which kettle tipper?

He began the hunt for a daily living aid which would boil and serve water safely. He could not find any product which did both ie deliver hot water safely and securely without the risk of scalds and burns.

The Homecraft Universal Kettle Tipper

There are many different kettle tippers – that is a product which holds a standard kettle in place to then enable the boiling water to be tipped into a cup or mug.

There are also smaller kettles available which mean that you are not holding the full weight of a heavy, large kettle. These kettles can be ideal for those who only need to boil water for one or two cups of their favourite drink – helping to save money on electricity too!

However, Andy was unable to find a product that did both – that is boil and tip. He wanted a product which did both safely delivering boiling water and pouring it into a cup. His arthritis meant that holding, and pouring a heavy kettle of boiling water was hazardous to say the least. 

The Uccello Kettle in its original colours of black and white

So he set about designing the Uccello kettle tilt and pour daily living aid mobility aid.

The Uccello Kettle Tipper Features

Andy’s unique design is both contemporary and unusual. It makes a statement piece in kitchens and has revolutionised the way people boil and deliver boiling water.

It has a large opening with a hinged lid enabling the kettle to be filled from the tap, or, if the weight of the kettle is too heavy with water in it, you can simply take a small jug of water to the kettle to fill it to exactly the amount of water required.

The Uccello kettle has a removable anti scale filter, ideal for many British homes where the water may be hard.

The handle on the Uccello kettle is ergonomic, allowing it to be held securely to allow the tip and pour action.

The Uccello kettle and integral tipper means that it is non-weight bearing – ie. you do not have any weight in your hands whilst in use. It tilts and pours into a cup or mug placed below the spout, without having to remove the kettle from the cradle.

The tipper base of the Uccello kettle is weighted allowing the actual kettle part to rotate on its axis to deliver hot water safely and steadily.

The Uccello kettle has a stainless steel heating element and and a safety shut-off feature to prevent over boiling.

The kettle tipper base, the kettle and the handle are all made from polypropylene which is a thermoplastic polymer providing a secure and safe grip ergonomic handle enabling easy pouring – ideal for those who live with conditions such as arthritis, Parkinsons, weak grip or the tremors.

There is a power on light indicating when the kettle is boiling.

The Uccello Kettle Tipper – Now Available In A Range of Colours

The Uccello Kettle mobility aid has been so popular, that it has now been produced in a range of different colours.

The Uccello Kettle in red and whiteThe Uccello Kettle all in black

The Uccello kettle is available in black and white (the original design), all black, or red and white or…

Uccello Kettle all in white

… an all white model.

The red and white model is ideal for those who may struggle with their vision and the high contrast of the red, allows the Uccello kettle tipper daily living aid to stand out.

The benefits of the Uccello Kettle…

  • Easy water refill
  • Kettle tipper all in one
  • Removable anti scale filter
  • Easy fill hinged lid
  • Steady pour amount of water every time
  • Meets British safety technology 
  • Allows independent living at home
  • Tilt and pour action
  • Power on light 
  • Ergonimically designed handle 
  • Safe grip handle 
  • Powerpour technology