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National Vegetarian Week 2019

Posted by Natalie Simpson on

National Vegetarian Week

The benefits of vegetarianism

Vegetarianism has seen a huge rise in figures lately, with more and more people choosing to eat a meat-free diet. While this may have once meant limiting the food you eat, there are now so many delicious alternatives to meat, such as plant-based sausages and burgers, refreshing salads and tofu dishes. In this blog, we’re sharing the benefits of vegetarianism, some helpful resources and our top dining and food preparation products for National Vegetarian Week.

Going veggie may be down to a number of reasons; some people with chronic illnesses may find meat-free diets are more suited to their needs, it can greatly help the environment, it can improve general health and wellbeing, and of course helps to protect animals from being treated cruelly. The benefits of adopting meat-free meals is what National Vegetarian Week is hoping to promote.

Helpful resources

National Vegetarian Week runs from the 13th to the 19th May and focuses on educating the general public on the benefits of choosing a veggie diet. Run by The Vegetarian Society, the week includes helpful information such as delicious vegetarian recipes, along with resources like The Vegetarian Society Cookery School which can you teach you how to cook entirely meat-free. They also have 50 activities on their website including recommendations on what to eat, how to host a veggie picnic and fun quizzes on nutrition.

Preparing your food

When preparing your vegetarian meals, using the right products is important for making the process easier. Our range of OXO products include features such as soft, ergonomic, rubber handles to make them easier to hold, sharp stainless steel blades to efficiently slice through vegetables, and durable designs to ensure longevity.

The OXO Y Peeler and the Swivel Peeler both feature stainless steel blades making them perfect for slicing through even the toughest of vegetable skins, with comfortable and soft handles, whilst the Potato Ricer effortlessly creates creamy mashed potato for individuals who struggle swallowing. Enjoy a gluten-free pizza which can be sliced easily with the help of the OXO Pizza Cutter, featuring a thumb guard for extra safety, or prepare a quinoa chili by using the Rice & Grains Washing Colander to remove impurities and starch. Fold some delicious veggie samosas with the help of our Flip and Fold Omelette Turner for a quick meat-free snack.

What’s your favourite veggie dish to cook? Tweet us @AbilitySStore or tag us in your creation on Instagram!

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