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How To Shop For Seasonal Essential Daily Living Aids

Posted by Natalie Simpson on

Daily living aids can be adapted around the home all year long, from spring cleaning and gardening aids, summery mobility aids for getting outside and winter warmers such as wheelchair cosies and thermal mugs.  

Daily living aids for springtime

Spring can be a tricky season with the weather ranging from sun to rain but it’s a great idea to make the most of the mild weather and get outdoors. Whether it’s gardening or taking a stroll and on those rainy days, a spring clean is a good way to spend the day. As the clocks go forward an hour in spring; a clearly visible clock displaying the correct time can help you keep organised throughout the day and prevent any confusion. If you’re celebrating Easter, eggs are bound to pop up regularly but if you’re not keen on the chocolate kind, why not boil one with our handy silicone egg holder?

Products shown: Ergonomic Garden Tools, Rotating Duster, Radio Controlled Clock, Let’s Go Out Rollator, Silicone Egg Boiler/Holder

Mobility aids and games for summer fun

In the hot summer months, it’s great to enjoy the sunshine and beautiful weather. If you’re not a fan of the hot temperatures, sitting inside with a cooling fan and a relaxing summer-themed jigsaw game is a perfect way to spend the day, whilst if you want to be outside a game of boccia is fun and exciting to play. Summer is also scooter season and a great excuse to soak up the summer from the comfort of your mobility aid. Mix up a tasty salad with a handy vegetable chopper for the tastiest summer meal.

Products shown: Seaside Nostalgia Jigsaw, Lawn Boccia Set, Curlew Auto Folding Scooter, Vegetable Chopper, Rechargeable Mighty Fan

Weatherproof daily living aids for autumn

In autumn, it’s important to wrap up warm especially if you’re sitting down in a wheelchair or scooter, with a wool blanket or a soft fleece leg cosy. For autumnal walks in the picturesque scenery, an appropriately-patterned walking stick can help to keep you supported.  Make sure to eat and drink lots of warm meals in the colder weather, with our thermal cups and autumnal lap trays.

Products shown: Wheelchair Fleece Lined Leg Cosy, Folding Adjustable Patterned Walking Stick, Thermal Mug With Internal Cone, >Luxury Tartan Lap Tray, Wool Blanket

Gifts and mobility equipment for winter

With the weather getting much colder in winter, it’s important to keep yourself warm, safe and comfortable. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a condition which can occur during the changing of the seasons, but products like therapy lights can help with the transition into winter. If you’re struggling with slippery ice outside your house, an outdoor grab rail is ideal to provide security and support. Hand muffs and blankets are perfect for keeping warm, especially for wheelchair or scooter users, whilst an ergonomic kettle enables you to enjoy a hot drink.

Products shown: Seasonal Affective Disorder Therapy Light, Prima Outdoor Grab Rail, Hand Muff, Uccello Kettle, Luxury Lap Blanket

Choosing a mobility aid or household daily living aid can be easy when you know what you are looking for but buying for someone else can bring up a ton of questions - check out our guide on choosing mobility aids for someone else to help you get started on making the right decision!

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