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Feet Deserve To Be Celebrated!

Posted by Martin Hewitt on August 16, 2020

Two human feet standing on some long, green grass

Photo by Anna Guerrero from Pexels

As you may have noticed with recent blogs on International Left-handers Day and the International Day of Friendship, we’re big advocates of advocacy days here at Ability Superstore. Not least those that hold a particular significance to people living with any kind of disability or difference. So, as 17 August marks National, I Love My Feet Day it seems appropriate that we write a blog on the Awareness Day that is all to do with – feet!

Arguably, the most divisive extremity, even people who don’t have Podophobia — fear of feet — don’t often go out of their way to talk about toes and soles. As NetDoctor reported in 2017, many of us consider feet to be ‘ugly, smelly and disgusting’.

However, our feet are miracles of evolution, and without them, we’d still be stuck in the sea! Ask any biologist worth their weight in socks!

The foot gene, for example, is found in the DNA of countless species from wasps to halibut, with the earliest evidence of its introduction possibly found in molluscs. All land-living vertebrae share a fundamental suite of foot bones, so the idea of a ‘foot’ is pretty common. Still, it’s the makeup and proportions of a human foot that makes it so special.

A big heel bone, short toes and long arch allow for easy bipedal locomotion — forward movement on two legs. Now, let’s consider the significance of that evolutionary step.

We free our hands and arms for other uses, allowing us to work with tools, or use different equipment. These are things humans do that are rarely repeated in the rest of the animal kingdom. Without these actions, our world would be a far less advanced place.

The human foot, and its bipedal abilities, meant that we quickly developed excellent long-distance travel skills, in terms of running, carrying and walking. Not only did this make it easier for us to escape predators, but it also helped the spread of humanity throughout the world. We’re now among the most common species on the planet.

How can we instil more foot pride in everyone? Some people obsess over foot hygiene, often to the point of believing their feet have problems when they actually don’t. As such, it can be a good idea to get them checked out once in a while by a trained professional podiatrist (often called a  chiropodist). A podiatrist is a healthcare professional, trained to diagnose and treat abnormal conditions of the feet and lower limbs. For more information on what podiatrists do, why not visit the NHS website by clicking on this link.

And, once in a while, it’s a great idea to treat your feet, whether it’s National, I Love My Feet Day, or not. Getting a pedicure is a great way to unwind and give your toes some royal treatment. And don’t forget the unparalleled joy of putting on brand new socks for the first time. It’s one of life’s simple pleasures.

Socks can do far more than brighten up your day with bright, bold checks and stripes and luxurious fabrics. Ability Superstore stock a large range of Feet Retreat socks, which although designed for those with oedema, diabetes, arthritis and peripheral nephropathy, make an excellent sock for everyone. There are socks for children, too. 

Do you find you suffer from cold feet in the evening, or at night? You may not suffer from any specific condition, such as Raynaud’s phenomenon, but there is no doubt that when your feet are cold, the rest of you feels cold, too! There’s a range of fleece bed socks, which are soft and comfortable and will keep your feet toasty, helping with conditions that impact circulation.

So, no matter how you intend to spend the National, I Love My Feet Day, take a little time to appreciate your feet!