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Lifemax Product Spotlight

Posted by Francis Whitehead on August 15, 2023

Lifemax Product Spotlight

Today on Ability Life, we’re going to draw your attention to some fantastic products from Lifemax!

All About Lifemax

Lifemax is an innovative company that specialises in solutions to make your independent living easier. They have an extraordinary variety of high-tech and easy-to-use products, so much so that we have a dedicated section to their offerings on our website!

You may have seen some products from Lifemax before in our Top 10 Gadgets video, and that’s because they specialise in handy gadgets that are very popular with our customers. Don’t believe us? Then check these out!

Rechargeable Hay Fever and Allergy Reliever

Lifemax Rechargeable Hay Fever and Allergy Reliever

Perfect for this time of year when eyes are red and noses are streaming thanks to some selfish hydrangeas, the Rechargeable Hay Fever and Allergy Reliever offers some quick and easy treatment of symptoms. It uses red light at the 660nm and 940nm wavelengths to penetrate the lining of the nose. Numerous studies have found that these wavelengths of light reduce inflammation and have an anti-inflammatory effect.

Simply fit the included probe covers, turn it on, adjust the width and use it for 3 minutes, twice a day. No more drowsy antihistamines making you nod off at 3 pm! 

Plug Through Night Light

Lifemax Plug Through Night Light


Desperately need to light up a dark room, but your outlets are already full to bursting with all kinds of chargers? Look no further than the Plug Through Night Light.

This handy and innovative LED-powered light detects how bright a room already is, and turns on and off automatically, saving you money on your energy bills. Not only that, but it also gives you a spare socket that can be used with any essential device. Change the colour from white to blue, to green to suit your mood!

High Vision LED Lights – Clip

Lifemax High Vision LED Lights – Clip

Want to indulge in some late-night reading, but your bedside lamp just won't cut it? Luckily, the High Vision LED Light generates over 400 lumens of light and has a colour temperature that is equivalent to noon daylight, making it perfect for reading and hobbies.

It can clip onto any surface, providing you with a beam of light wherever you are!

Migraine Relief Wrap

Lifemax Migraine Relief Wrap

If you suffer from relentless headaches and migraines, and are looking for some additional pain relief, the Migraine Relief Wrap is the perfect solution for you.

It has therapeutic gel beads that mould to your face, relieving tension and pain. it can also be chilled in the freezer, or warmed in water to your preference. 

Typhoon Self Stirring Mug

Lifemax Typhoon Self Stirring Mug

One of our favourite offerings from Lifemax is the Typhoon Self Stirring Mug. It automatically stirs hot drinks and soups effortlessly, leading you to believe that we really are living in the future. Simply press the button on the base and start the stirring whirlpool.

You’ll never have to wash a spoon again with this handy gadget!

Far Infrared Heated Lap Blanket

Lifemax Far Infrared Heated Lap Blanket

If you need something comfy for a rainy day in, look no further than the Far Infrared Heated Blanket. It's made of a soft, warm fleece material and utilises Far Infrared technology which helps improve circulation, soothe aching muscles and stimulates the healing process.

This luxury daily living aid makes a great gift for a loved one and will look great in your home or car, thanks to its fleecy grey finish. It only uses 12w of energy per hour, so you needn't worry about excessive energy use too.

Acupressure Sickness Relief Band

Lifemax Acupressure Sickness Relief Band

Do you suffer from travel sickness, but other remedies or medications just seem to help? Then the Acupressure Sickness Relief Band mobility aid could be an ideal motion sickness relief aid for you.

It uses double-frequency acupressure with 3 vibration massage strengths to gently massage away feelings of nausea. Simply wrap it around your wrist and you could be travel sick-free!

Get in Touch

And that's our product spotlight from Lifemax! Be sure to check out their section on our website for more fantastic innovations. Do you have any questions or enquiries about the products featured here? We will be more than happy to help! Be sure to get in touch today.

And don't forget to check out some of these products on our TikTok account, @theabilitysuperstore! 



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