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How To Pet Care With A Disability

Caring for your pet if you have a disability or health condition


There are plenty of solutions to make having a pet enjoyable and easy if you have a disability or a health condition, which can give both you and them a fulfilling and happy lifestyle.

Studies show that pets can have a beneficial effect on your health and wellbeing, improving your overall general health in less than a month. Pets can also help to lift depression, as well as reducing loneliness and isolation.

Making mealtimes for your pet healthy and easy

Making sure your pet stay in the best of health is essential to give them a good quality life and also avoid any pricey vet bills. Start with their food, check the contents of what you are feeding them and make sure it is nutritious. Many cheap pet food brands use a lot of ‘animal by-products’ and very minimal meat. If you are on a budget and do need to stick to low-cost brands, substitute some meals with fresh meat such as chicken or fish for cats and dogs where you can. Often high-quality and nutritious biscuits can be bought in bulk for lower price too, meaning they will last longer than smaller, cheap packs so you get more for your money in the long run.

If you have a large dog, or a senior dog that struggles with arthritis, or you yourself find it difficult to bend down to your pets bowls at feeding time, a great solution is to raise them, making it more comfortable for the both of you. A raised double feeder stand for dogs has two bowls for both food and water raised from the ground making it easier for you to reach and for them to eat from. It also helps to reduce any spills and mess off of the floor.  If you’re travelling or even just taking a stroll in the park, it’s important to keep your dog hydrated. A collapsible bowl or travel bottle will keep their thirst quenched all day, and they’re small enough to fit in a bag too!

Taking care of your pets health and wellbeing

Grooming a pet is something that both you and your pet should take delight in. Dogs and cats (mostly) love to be groomed if you can find that right thing that gets them purring or tails wagging into relaxation and contentment. Bath times can be made simple with waterless pet shampoo for both dogs and cats, meaning no more fur goes flying and you both reep the benefits. Why not try a pet towel or grooming mitt afterwards to keep them looking their best? If your pet get easily stressed or anxious, one of the best ways to help them feel comfortable is with a calming diffuser. These release pheromones into the air which sends calming signals to your pets brain helping them to feel more at ease. These are especially great around fireworks season or sociable occasions if your pet is not a crowd-lover. Keeping them comfortable in your home is important for their wellbeing as we all know dogs and cats love a cosy and safe place to rest their head. Heated pet pads are the perfect addition to any pet bed or sleeping area, they geniously reflect your pets head back at them to keep them warm and snug - great for colder months!

Taking care of your pet outdoors

Taking your dog for a walk is a fun way to get exercise for both you and your dog. Some of the problems dog owners come across when out walking such as picking up after them and safety, can often feel compromised if you find bending and picking up painful or have low vision. Picking up after your pup is important to keep your neighbourhood clean (don’t forget you can also be fined if you don’t!) and it can be turned into a quick task with something as simple as a HandiScoop. Long handles and a jaw-grip head allows you to scoop and bag the poop all in one! Save your back and save time with a handy gadget like this, they’re even great for kitty litter.  If your dog tends to use the loo in the garden or yard, an arms length pooper scooper is an easy way to scoop and shovel without any nasty smells or aches and pains.

Keeping your dog safe and in view while out and about isn’t always as easy as it sounds, especially if your pup is prone to chasing and running off. Hi-vis wear like a flashing collar or reflective band can help to keep them in sight, especially at night or if you have low vision. If you take your dog out in the car often, a harness is always a good idea to keep them secure while travelling for your peace of mind and their safety.

A lot of products designed for pets can not only help you to care for them better but can also help them. If you have senior pets they may develop arthritis or other health conditions that may require a change in their regular feeding accessories and other daily activities.  All products shown are designed to keep your pet healthy and happy.

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