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World Environment Day

It’s World Environment Day today and we’re all about being green. Whether it be using less plastic, recycling waste or picking up litter, there are tonnes of helpful ways in which you can help the planet and make the future greener. Read on for a selection of handy tips that you can do for World Environment Day!

Use less plastic

You may have seen recently a lot of headlines about the ban on plastic microbeads and how the government is cracking down on industries use of unnecessary plastic. This year’s theme of World Environment Day is Beat Plastic Pollution.  After the viral clip from Blue Planet II of the whale with her calf that had been killed by ingesting plastic, the urgency to decrease the world’s plastic use has come more into the forefront. Trying to do a grocery shop without plastic is almost impossible at the moment, however, there are ways to minimise your use. Buy fruit and veg from a local grocer who uses paper bags not plastic ones. Condiments and food in jars are easily refillable and are better for the environment than plastic tubes and tubs. You can now even buy recyclable water bottles or if you love to nip for a take-out coffee, why not buy a reusable mug? They come in all sizes and designs. There are many companies such as Lush and Costa Coffee who offer perks and discounts for customers who use refillable product tubs and flasks.

Recycle your waste

This may be an obvious one, but recycling makes all the difference. In 2009 and 2010, 23 million tonnes of household waste was generated, of which 9.4 million tonnes was recycled, reused or composted, which drastically decreased the amount of waste which was just thrown away. Last year, statistics saw a drop in recycling figures so the BBC have created a list of what can be recycled, to let people know just how much waste in their house can be recycled and not just thrown out.

Plant a tree

Why not give the gift of a tree on this year’s World Environment Day? A small sapling can make a wonderful present for someone’s birthday, anniversary or as a way to congratulate or saying thank you. As well as a means to express your feelings, giving a sapling and planting it helps to make up for the number of trees cut down, and creates a lot of greener places, which also helps the environment and creates more habitats for wildlife and animals.

Don’t leave the water running

Likewise, many of us are probably guilty of leaving the tap on when we don’t need it! It’s easy to forget about the water if you’re brushing your teeth or washing the dishes, but turning the tap off can save up to 9 gallons of water just whilst brushing your teeth. Plus, whilst it’s nice to have a bath, opting for regular showers instead of regular baths can save around 60 gallons of water. Additionally, you could save up to $100 and 3,200 gallons of water per year by turning off the water when you shampoo and condition!


These are just some of the ways in which you can help the Earth this World Environment Day! Do you have any advice or ideas on how to help the environment? Let us know by contacting our Twitter or our Facebook! You can also find more information on World Environment Day here.