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Top 5 Tips To Prevent A Cold

Flu season is upon us and there are already a lot of cases of “the lergie” going around. Read some of our tried and tested top tips to help keep away colds this season. These are simply small efforts you can take to avoid getting a cold, if you need professional medical advice or are worried about flu-like symptoms, please consult a doctor or pharmacist.

Image: Bundle of healthy foods including lemon, orange, ginger, kale, nuts and berries

Support your immune system

Staying topped up on your fruit and veg intake to get all your vitamins is one of the best ways to keep your immune system tip top. Not only do they keep you healthy and aid digestion but they provide all the nutrients to fight colds.

Image: Cup of herbal tea on a table

Sip tea

Fresh lemon, honey and hot water is always a good way to fight a cold as the lemon thins mucus and honey is antibacterial. Menthol and herbal green tea’s are also great immune system boosters. Breathing in the steam from a hot cup of tea is a great way to stimulate the hair follicles in your nose which gets germs moving out more efficiently.¬† It always important to stay hydrated, especially with the sniffles, if tea isn’t your favourite, stay topped up on water!

Image: Hand washing under running water

Wash and sanitise 

Wash your hands regularly and especially after being in contact with anyone who does have a cold. Send those germs down the drain with plenty of hand wash and hot water. Hand sanitisers are also a great way to avoid unwanted germs on the go. If you are not a fan of the chemical-y clean smell, there are many water-based solutions available that are fresh and unscented.

Image: Box of tissues on a bathroom shelf

Vampire sneezing tactics

If you’re already sneezing and don’t have a tissue straight to hand, it’s best to sneeze into the crook of your elbow (like a vampire with a cape!) and not your hands as they are a common source for germs and can help them spread more.¬† It is always best to do the ‘catch it-bin it-kill it’ trick with tissues, especially when out public.

Image: Two jars of honey and lemon slices

Relieve and prevent

There are a lot of products on the market that can stop and prevent colds in their tracks. Throat sprays and lozenges are some of the best as they tackle any germs that rest at the back of the throat. The majority of treatments available help tackle symptoms with natural immune system boosters like lemon, honey and menthol.

“I swear by ColdZyme mouth spray when I feel any symptoms coming on – it forms a protective enzyme barrier in your throat and deals with any nasty germs that have settled there.”

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