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Top 5 Bonfire Night Products

Image: Hand holding sparkler with the title “Top 5 Bonfire Night Products”

Bonfire Night is one of the most exciting events of the year and we can see why! The 5th November is packed full of firework fun and bonfires to keep us warm whilst autumn is here to stay. To help you enjoy Bonfire Night to its full extent, we’ve selected a few of our products which are perfect for wrapping up warm, staying safe at night or even calming down agitated pets during fireworks displays, so you’ll always remember the 5th of November!

Fireworks are enjoyed by many of us, but for dogs especially, they can be frightening and confusing. Whilst we see the pretty showers of rainbow-coloured sparks, the loud bangs of the fireworks can scare our furry friends, who don’t understand Guy Fawkes night as well as we do. Luckily, these pet calming tablets are ideal for helping nervous dogs and cats without causing drowsiness, so your pet can enjoy Bonfire Night as much as you do.

Make sure you stay warm and toasty this Bonfire Night, with the help of our Blazewear heated gloves! The battery-powered design is perfect for keeping you snug if you’re at a firework display, and the waterproof material is ideal for the typical British weather. With hours of warmth, the heated gloves are the ultimate companion for Bonfire Night, so you can have a fun and comfortable  evening.

With the clocks going back, the nights are longer and the days shorter. When walking around in the evening, it’s important to stay safe, especially as it gets darker earlier now. A handy LED torch is an ideal product to take to a bonfire, and this one can even clip onto a walking stick if you haven’t got a hand to spare! Bonfire Night is made much safe with this torch, so you can sit back and watch the fireworks.

Even if you’re keeping warm by the fireside, November can be very chilly and it’s important to stay wrapped up and toasty. Our range of cosy fleece blankets feature attractive and festive tartan designs with a soft fleecy lining, perfect for keeping you warm at a firework display. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, the outer lining is also waterproof to protect you from the typical British weather!

Autumn is all about warm drinks, like hot chocolate and spicy caramel. Enjoy a soothing and toasty hot beverage in our large-handled thermal mug, which is the perfect companion on a cold November night. An easy-grip handle and non-spill lid help to keep the contents at the perfect temperature, so you’ll always stay warm this autumn!