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Pancake Day Tips & Tricks

We love Shrove Tuesday, not just for the pancakes, but because it means that Easter & Spring are on their way! If you’re thinking of whipping up some tasty pancakes today, take a look at our tips and tricks (with some tried and tested suggestions from the team) for smooth flipping and even some delicious topping ideas!

Pancakes were originally invented as a way of using up all the fatty and rich foods that were leftover in the house before Lent begins on Ash Wednesday.

“In total, Brits use an incredible 52 million eggs on Shrove Tuesday to make their pancakes! That’s a whopping 22 million more than an average day.”

Once you’ve got your flour, milk, sugar, salt, and eggs together it’s time to get cooking. Whether your a lover of traditional silky thin crepes or love your pancakes fat and fluffy, you can master the art of pancake flipping.

  • Always use a non-stick pan, so your pancake can easily slide & flip as you wish
  • Make sure the pancake is fully cooked underneath first so you don’t end up with batter everywhere
  • Don’t let it land on the rim of the pan – you’ll end up with two halves of a whole!
  • “A medium-high heat & spray on oil (so it doesn’t pool in certain areas) is a sure way to keep your pancakes even and perfectly shaped”
  • Don’t skimp on ingredients – if you’re following a recipe make sure your the ratios are accurate and weigh up
  • Make the batter only right before you plan on cooking pancakes or the flour will absorb too much liquid and thicken the batter too much
  • Don’t over beat the batter, simply mix only until the wet ingredients is incorporated with the dry ones, even if there is lumps!
  • Let it rise and flip the pancake only once


A few of our teams favourite toppings:

“Layer lemon & sugar in between the pancakes for an all round sweet & sour flavour”

“I prefer a savoury pancake with sweet chilli chicken & cheese – just miss out the sugar!”

“Mixed berries and honey are delicious – and also great at breakfast”

“Nutella and banana or peanut butter are fab for those with a sweet tooth!”


We have some great pancake-friendly kitchen aids to help you master pancake day too!