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Iconic Walking Sticks in History and Fiction


Walking sticks are more than just a mobility aid – they can be a way to express style! Go all the way back to Ancient Egypt and you’ll see many Ancient Egyptian gods depicted in hieroglyphics carrying walking sticks and staffs. Men in the Middle Ages carried walking sticks to connote power and justice, whilst in the 17th and 18th centuries canes became a fashion icon to show others you had wealth and superiority.

Today, they serve a worthy purpose of providing sturdiness and security to those who need it, but that’s not to say that they can’t still symbolise fashion and power. Over the centuries and decades, both in history and fiction, a number of suave characters with canes have stood out, thanks to their handy companion. In this blog post, we’ve picked out the most famous walking stick users, and how you can take inspiration from their style!

Charlie Chaplin

Possibly the most famous walking stick user is Charlie Chaplin, whose iconic “Tramp” character was created in 1914 and continued to appear onscreen until the mid-1930’s. A main symbol associated with this character is Chaplin’s walking stick, with which he established his famous walk. Last year it was reported that the very same stick that Chaplin used was going up for auction and was expected to sell for between £6,000 and £9,000 – that’s an expensive walking stick! Fortunately, we have a similar (and much more affordable) alternative, our Chestnut Walking Stick! Like Chaplin’s, it features a smoothly rounded crook which conveniently hooks over your arm to carry and provides that perfect “silent movie” vintage aesthetic.


Oscar Wilde

A well-known novelist and playwright, Oscar Wilde was one of the most fashionable men of Victorian London. The “Picture of Dorian Gray” author was also rarely seen without a walking stick, something he carried just for pure style! With his fur coat and large hat, an elegant cane was just the right finishing touch to Wilde’s dandy appearance. Our Adjustable Walking Stick with Marbled Design is the perfect walking stick to help you achieve that perfect Wilde-esque aesthetic, thanks to its stylish white marble-effect handle and sleek, black, adjustable shaft. This walking stick will offer comfort and support, whilst simultaneously being eye-catching and fashionable, just like Oscar Wilde’s!


Winston Churchill

A Prime Minister most famous for helping Britain win the Second World War, Churchill’s distinctive English gentleman look was made complete with the help of his walking stick – like his hat and trademark pipe, he was rarely seen without it. He even claimed that he was “walking with destiny” when he carried it with him. You might not be the next Prime Minister, but luckily we have just the stick to make you feel like you’re walking with destiny too! Our Fischer Marble Handle walking sticks feature a creamy marble-pattern handle and elegant wooden oak shaft, perfect for going for a stroll or feeling as powerful as Churchill.

walking-stick-with-comfy-grip-handle-5120 (1)

Willy Wonka

An excellent character crafted from the mind of Roald Dahl, Willy Wonka’s iconic look isn’t complete without a top hat, velvet blazer – and of course, his walking stick! Now depicted in two majorly successful films, it’s clear that only the brightest and zaniest stick is suitable when you’re the owner of a magical chocolate factory. Head over to our website where you’ll find our Folding Sassy Walking Sticks, which are available in two vivid designs and are the golden ticket to a perfect mobility aid.


What’s your favourite walking stick? Do you have any tips or recommendations? Let us know by tweeting us at @AbilityStore or by contacting us on our Facebook page!