Top Picks for National Picnic Month

With this summer being like a continuous heatwave, it’s fitting that July is National Picnic Month! When the weather is so warm, there’s nothing better than sitting outside to eat a refreshing salad and cooling down with a fruity drink. Whether you’re a sunshine person or you prefer sitting under the shade of a parasol, […]

Things We (Secretly) Love About British Summers

Us Brits always seem to be moaning about something, it’s either “far too hot today” or “why is it raining in July!?”- when it comes to summer, we just don’t know what we want. But we can’t deny that the typical British things that summer brings here, we don’t secretly love every year! BBQ’s are […]

National Walking Month

It’s that time of year again where the weather starts to get warmer and we can enjoy being outdoors for longer. May is National Walking Month and celebrates those who like to get outside and enjoy the fresh air whether you’re a leisurely stroller or avid hiker, going at your own pace is whats important! […]

Sunshine Essentials

With the weather (finally) heating up this week it is the perfect time to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine. We’ve put together some of our best sunny-weather essentials that can help you make the most of time in the garden & picnics with the family! Lap trays are a perfect partner in the garden […]

Making Your Garden Mobility Friendly

Today’s blog post comes from Tony Ward, a company which sells quality gardening furniture. This excellent post provides handy tips and advice on how to enjoy a mobility friendly garden, which is accessible to everyone. Thank you to everyone at Tony Ward for this great contribution, you can view the original post on their blog […]

Tips for an Exciting August Bank Holiday

August Bank Holiday weekend is the ultimate summer holiday experience, with plenty of fun and exciting events taking place. From a relaxing weekend break to an activity-packed couple of days, there’s something happening for everyone to enjoy. Take a peek at our best recommendations below… Head to the beach Weather permitting, of course, the standard […]

5 Ways to Stay Active in the Holidays

The long summer holidays have a way of making us feel sluggish and slow, especially when the typical British rain makes a regular appearance and you’re stuck inside sheltering. It’s also that time of year when everyone wants to get fit and healthy before the run up to Christmas food begins! So what better way […]

Accessible Music Events to Enjoy this Summer

Although music can be enjoyed all year round, summer is a perfect excuse to spend the longer days creating summery playlists, putting some glitter on and embracing the sunshine! Lots of events, gigs and festivals nowadays have introduced plenty of accessible features to their location — we’ve all seen how muddy festivals can get and […]

National Allotments Week

National Allotments Week is coming up next week and we’re keen to share all our gardening and planting tips to get those green-fingers working. Having an allotment is more than just growing your own veg; it can be therapeutic to have your own green space and absorb yourself in the process. Plus, you get to eat […]

International Friendship Day

No matter your age, culture, gender, distance or even if they’re the furry kind, International Friendship Day celebrates the joys of friendships around the world and the importance of it. We’ve put together the best things about friends – with some input from the rest of the team! Childhood friends can last a lifetime. The […]