Stay Cool This Summer

Stay Cool This Summer

This recent heatwave has got us all hot and bothered, but how can you stay cool and still enjoy the summer? It’s important to keep your body temperature regulated and stay hydrated in the warmer seasons – and luckily, we have just the right products to help. Read on for our ways to stay protected from the heat and enjoy summer, no sweat.

  • Our physicool spray and mighty fan are perfect for cooling you down in easy-to-use and affordable ways. You’ll feel instantaneously cooler thanks to these ingenious products!
  • Keep hydrated with this lightweight collapsible water bottle, which includes a handy clip for easy transportation and folds flat when not in use. Great for use on the go!
  • Stay shady thanks to our wheelchair umbrella which clips on to any chair to protect you from the sun’s rays. Add some retro beach style with the attractive blue and white striped design!
  • It’s not just you that needs to stay hydrated – your pet can benefit from our travel pet bowl which folds easily for simple transportation and has a large capacity for your furry friend this summer.
  • Help to cool down your canine companion or feline friend with our cooling mats from Crufts, which are great for use at home, in the car or on a picnic! Easy to wipe clean and perfect for soothing joints, your pet will love it.



Accessible Summer Road Trip Essentials!

Summer is the perfect opportunity to get out there and explore, and what better way to experience the joys of summer than a road trip out and about? Travelling can seem difficult to do if you’re living with mobility issues, but luckily we have just the right products to help you plan a fully accessible road trip into the sunshine.

For drivers and passengers alike, we have the perfect product to help getting in and out of vehicles. Our Economy Rotary Swivel Cushion is the perfect mobility aid that’ll help you twist easily without the risk of any injuries! Padded and soft, it helps to add comfort and support whilst you’re sitting down and offers a helping hand when you reach your destination.

If you need a slight boost in the car, our Car Seat Leveller Cushion helps to raise you slightly in your seat, which can help with car sickness if you’re a passenger, or provide a safer view if you’re driving. Ergonomically designed to help maintain the correct sitting posture, this cushion offers support and prevents long term back problems, as well as a much comfier journey!


Obviously, a snack stop is a key point in any journey! If you’re planning to take along a picnic, we’ve got some great dining products that’ll help to keep your snacks fresh and ready to eat. Check out the OXO Cookie Jar, which creates an airtight seal with just one touch and the large and spacious interior enables you to stock up on tasty treats like biscuits, sweets or crisps.

To keep hydrated whilst travelling, why not try our Sure Grip Mugs? Ergonomically designed to be held comfortably, the mugs also feature a soft straw for easier drinking which is designed to prevent spills, so you can take it on even the bumpiest road! Available in a rainbow of colours, you can pick a design that’s as bright as the summer sun.


To keep you warm during cooler drives, or to provide an excellent picnic blanket on a rest stop in the country side, our Cosy Fleece Blankets are the product for you. Ideal for travelling out and about in a car, these blankets are also water resistant on one side to be used even on wet grass, whilst the other fleecy side is soft and snug and available in four different colours.

If cars aren’t the thing for you, you can have just as much fun travelling by foot! For adventurers who need that little bit of extra help, our Veloped Trek rollator provides the ultimate support and stability, and a great way to get outdoors this summer. With four sturdy wheels designed to tackle any terrain, and plenty of storage space for all your possessions, this rollator is the perfect companion to have on your very own mini-road trip!


Are you planning to venture out on an accessible road trip this summer? Let us know your plans by getting in touch via our Twitter or our Facebook!


The Best Festivals for Accessibility


Festival season is fast approaching and it’s an experience that no one should miss out on, regardless of age or ability. We often think of festivals as unfriendly places for people with disabilities – all that mud, uneven ground and strobe lighting. But here are a selection of festivals and charities which prove that myth wrong, and help people with disabilities enjoy the best festivals that the UK has to offer.

A fantastic charity called Attitude Is Everything state that their biggest aim is to improve deaf and disabled access for music fans across the country, working with prestigious venues such as Manchester Academy, the O2 Arena and the Royal Albert Hall to make gigs more accessible. If it’s not gigs you’re after, they work with festival giants like Glastonbury, Reading and Leeds and Download, and have created the successful campaign #MusicWithoutBarriers, which is supported by musicians such as The Cure, Belle and Sebastian and Franz Ferdinand.

Another festival that’s working with Attitude Is Everything is the up-and-coming, Oxfordshire-based Wilderness Festival. Wilderness provide an accessibility wristband, which you can read more about here, and the opportunity to buy a two-for-one ticket for you and a carer. An accessible parking space is also included for every festival-goer with a disability and you’ll get to see some great bands like indie headliners, Two Door Cinema Club.


Check out Festival Spirit, a charity committed to providing a safe and fun way for people with disabilities to access festivals. They work with numerous festivals and provide “buddies”, who are non-disabled volunteers, to assist guests who require help. Festival Spirit also provide accessible accommodation in the form of specially adapted marquees with hard flooring that are close by to easy-access toilets and showers. You can apply to be either a guest, a buddy or a carer by following this link here.

Festivals like Parklife, which is based in Manchester, provide personal assistant tickets for music fans living with a disability or hearing impairment, to ensure that everyone can enjoy the experiences they offer. Working closely with Attitude Is Everything, Parklife are continuing to aim to achieve Gold Standard for their accessibility. You can view more information on their accessibility via this link here.


If you’re planning to go to a festival this summer, be sure to visit these sites beforehand to gather all the information you need! Let us know your summer festival plans, tips or advice by tweeting us on Twitter, or contacting us on Facebook.


Cupcake Day with Alzheimer’s Society


Tomorrow is Cupcake Day and people across the country will be buying, baking and eating cake to raise money for Alzheimer’s Society and their fight to help those with Alzheimer’s or dementia. Read on for a selection of tips, fundraising advice and helpful links to make the tastiest treats!

In 2016, the Star Bakers of the UK rallied together to cook up an amazing £330,000 against dementia! That’s more than enough to fund 11 PhD researchers for a year, giving them the opportunity to undertake vital, potentially lifesaving work. Just £40 would pay for five people with dementia to attend a Singing for the Brain session – a fun activity that enhances well being and connection through music, whilst £150 would pay for a National Dementia Helpline Advisers to provide 10 hours of crucial support to people affected by dementia.

Thanks to Cupcake Day, you can sign up to host your very own cupcake day and receive a free fundraising pack, which contains a donation box and Gift Aid form, posters to help spread the word, cake toppers and decoration, fundraising ideas and yummy recipes! You can host your own cupcake day at home, at work or even hire a community centre for the day – the choice is yours. Just simply bake as many cakes as you can and encourage your friends, family and neighbours to do the same!


Social media can play a key part in raising awareness and helping to fund-raise. Alzheimer’s Society are encouraging all Cupcakers to share their inventions online by using the hashtag #CupcakeDay which will get more people involved and therefore more donations to the charity! There are some links on their website too, which enable you to unite on Twitter and Facebook and get all your friends connected and included in baking up a treat this Cupcake Day.

We’re getting involved too and we’re encouraging you to do the same! Bringing cakes into work is a great idea to raise awareness of the charity in the yummiest way possible so why not whip up something tasty and bring it into your workplace like us? We’ve set up a Just Giving page that you can donate to and all the donations go straight to Alzheimer’s Society! We’re keen to do our bit to help those living with dementia and cake is a great way to raise money.


If you want to get baking but you’re not sure how, or maybe you’re living with a disability that may affect your mobility, we have the perfect range of kitchen accessories to turn you into a culinary wizard! Check out this recent blog post we wrote which features products like our Silicone Oven Mitts, One Handed Rolling Pin, Box Grater and a set of Talking Measuring Scales - all designed to provide a helping hand in the kitchen. Stylish and practical, our kitchen mobility aids blend effortlessly into your home and allow you to be a Star Baker!

For readers who want to help raise money for Alzheimer’s Society but are unable to bake for Cupcake Day, don’t worry! The charity have a direct link which allows you to donate if you can’t host your own Cupcake Day, so you know that you’ll still be able to help make a difference, even if you don’t bake anything. Plus, you can always buy other people’s cake instead of baking your own, or even get others to sponsor you to eat cake, with all proceeds going to Alzheimer’s UK!


What are your plans for Cupcake Day? Let us know, or send us a picture of your delicious desserts via our Facebook or our Twitter!


Diabetes Awareness Week


This week it’s Diabetes Awareness Week and we’re eager to offer our help to those who live with the condition. Diabetes can be difficult for anyone to live with, but can be made simpler with the right help from various charities and support groups. In this blog post, we’ve included a few tips and helpful links to aid those living with diabetes, and ways in which you can donate and raise money for this cause.

Over on our website, we have a range of products suitable for people with diabetes, such as our Oedema Socks which help with poor circulation or numb feet or our Heel Protectors which cushion the feet and protect them from nerve damage pains. We also have a Glucose Measuring System which is user-friendly and enables people with diabetes to keep check on their glucose levels.

BeFunky Collage

Across the country, there are a variety of local support groups run by Diabetes UK which take place once a month and are run by volunteers. Members of the groups also take place in fundraising and campaigning events. Simply enter your postcode here to find the nearest groups to you. It’s a great way to not only experience support and receive advice, but it also provides the opportunity to meet new people going through similar events and you can even make new friends!

If mobility is an issue for you, Diabetes UK have information about online communities on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, which allow you to contact other people living with diabetes from the comfort of your own home. They also have a blog featured on their website with contributions from bloggers who live with or have lived with diabetes, which focuses on topics such as diabetes in the news, fundraising events and research into diabetes.


Also featured on Diabetes UK are guides on how to adjust to life with diabetes, ranging from advice on a healthy diet, quitting smoking and organising your medication. It’s important to maintain a balanced and nutritious diet, as it can help to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. A diet that includes food from all the five groups is especially crucial as it can help various parts of your body, such as eating meat to help your heart or dairy to provide protein.

On the subject of food, several yummy recipes are provided on the website too which are suitable for those living with diabetes. All the recipes cover the five food groups to ensure a balanced diet is provided, and you can even search for specific recipes that contain a certain ingredient or special dietary requirement, such as low sugar or gluten free. Sign up for their food eNewsletter to receive tips and inspiration on a monthly basis!


This Diabetes Awareness Week, you can also donate money to charities such as Diabetes UK – money which goes to research into the condition and hopefully improve it for future generations! There is a number of ways to donate and raise money for charities; you can do it by text, leaving money in your will, or giving money via your payroll. There’s even a weekly lottery that you can enter for just a pound a week, which helps to raise money for the charity whilst simultaneously being in with a chance to win some yourself!

If you have any tips or advice about diabetes that you’d like to offer, or want to let us know what you’re doing for Diabetes Awareness Week, get in touch via our Facebook or our Twitter!


Carers Week


From Monday, it’s Carers Week and we think that all carers should be appreciated for their hard work and effort. And what better way to thank your carer than by organising them something special or getting them the recognition they deserve? In this blog post, we have just the right advice on how to show carers everywhere your appreciation, plus some handy tips if you’re a carer yourself.

Carers Week features various ways in which you can get involved in helping raise awareness for carers. This link suggests how employers can help those who work and act as carers by introducing flexible working policies and ensuring that employees who are also carers have consistent information on their rights. Approximately 1 in 9 of employees will be carers and this should be taken note of when hiring a carer, to allow them to juggle their workload with their caring responsibilities.

They also have a range of different events across the UK for carers, which includes events like coffee mornings or afternoon teas, social events or information sources. Carers Week website provides an interactive map which allows you to find an event close to you and, with 648 registered events across the UK, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect event near to you! It’s a great way for carers to meet other carers and make new friends with people who have similar experiences to you.


Carers UK also have a wealth of information on their website along with a link which allows you to “pledge” your support for carers on this Carers Week on the 12th June. This means that your pledge can be viewed on the pledge page along with those of organisations, politicians and other carers, to inspire and show others what a carer means to you. Carers Week currently have over 4000 pledges, and yours could be next up there!

You can also recommend an organisation, service or business who you think should be recognised for their kind actions. The process is quick and simple; all you need is your details and the details of the organisation that deserve to be awarded. This not only boosts the profile of the caring organisation, but it also allows you to show your support for them which in turn inspires them to work harder to help people who require it.


Are you a carer, or do you know one who you think deserves recognition for their kindness? Get in touch with us via our Facebook or our Twitter!



World Environment Day


It’s World Environment Day today and we’re all about being green. Whether it be using less paper, or recycling waste, there are tonnes of helpful ways in which you can help the planet and make the future greener. Read on for a selection of fun and handy tips that you can do for World Environment Day!

Recycle your waste

This may be an obvious one, but recycling makes all the difference. In 2009 and 2010, 23 million tonnes of household waste was generated, of which 9.4 million tonnes was recycled, reused or composted, which drastically decreased the amount of waste which was just thrown away. Last year, statistics saw a drop in recycling figures so the BBC have created a list of what can be recycled, to let people know just how much waste in their house can be recycled and not just thrown out.

Plant a tree

Why not give the gift of a tree on this year’s World Environment Day? A small sapling can make a wonderful present for someone’s birthday, anniversary or as a way to congratulate or saying thank you. As well as a means to express your feelings, giving a sapling and planting it helps to make up for the number of trees cut down, and creates a lot of greener places, which also helps the environment and creates more habitats for wildlife and animals.


Give food scraps to animals

When cooking, many of us are guilty of preparing too much food which we then don’t eat and simply throw away. Next time you have leftover food scraps, why not feed them to the local wildlife? Backyard birds can eat scraps such as stale or dry bread, bread crusts, donuts, cakes, cookies and crackers, as long as they are broken up into manageable pieces and soaked in water if they’re too stale. If you’re lucky enough to have pet chickens, they love to eat vegetable scraps! Check out this site for more information on animal do’s and don’ts for feeding scraps.

Don’t leave the water running

Likewise, many of us are probably guilty of leaving the tap on when we don’t need it! It’s easy to forget about the water if you’re brushing your teeth or washing the dishes, but turning the tap off can save up to 9 gallons of water just whilst brushing your teeth. Plus, whilst it’s nice to have a bath, opting for regular showers instead of regular baths can save around 60 gallons of water. Additionally, you  could save up to $100 and 3,200 gallons of water per year by turning off the water when you shampoo and condition!


These are just some of the ways in which you can help the Earth this World Environment Day! Do you have any advice or ideas on how to help the environment? Let us know by contacting our Twitter or our Facebook!


Wear It, Beat It for British Heart Foundation

To raise money to fight against heart disease, the British Heart Foundation are encouraging everyone to Wear It, Beat It on June 9th. Whether you or someone you know has been affected or not, there are many ways in which you can raise money and awareness for the charity, from just simply donating to wearing fancy dress! Read on for our selection of ways in which you can help.

There are approximately seven million people living with cardiovascular disease in the UK, and the British Heart Foundation is keen to reduce that. With Wear It, Beat It, people across the UK are encouraged to wear something red for the day, and this can be done at home, school or in the workplace. Simply ask friends, family members or colleagues to dress in something red and make a small donation; the more people involved, the more money you can raise! You can sign up here to receive a free fundraising pack and handy tips if you’re planning to create your own event.

Social media is key in raising awareness; with so many people connected across the country, it’s the perfect way to spread recognition. The BHF have a range of photo effects that you can download and set as your profile picture or cover photo on Facebook or Twitter which lets your friends and many others online know that you’re doing your bit to raise money. Some people may see it and even be inspired to help to raise money and awareness themselves!


If you’re raising awareness via social media, don’t forget to share your posts with the hashtag #WearItBeatIt! Using a hashtag helps to boost your posts so others will see your event or plans for the 9th June, plus you can find people who may be attending the same fundraising event as you! It’s a great way to meet new people who are as passionate about beating heart disease as you are, and a fantastic opportunity to share each other’s stories.

Fundraising doesn’t have to be just about wearing red – the BHF has a number of ways in which you can raise money. How about participating in a bake sale where everything is red? A picnic is a great idea, especially as the weather is warming up! It could be in your garden, on a school field or outside your workplace; just grab a red blanket and some bunting and bring out the strawberries. Check out this link here for a number of recipes you could make, which all feature the colour red!


You could simply wear something red or you could go the whole hog and wear fancy dress! Get everyone in your community to participate by donating to enter a competition of who is the best dressed, and you could even host a fashion show and sell tickets with all proceeds going to the British Heart Foundation. Not only is this a good way to fund-raise, but it can really help tighten the bonds of your community and create lighthearted fun whilst you’re at it!

If you want to look like a walking advertisement, be sure to check out BHF’s online shop, where you can purchase t-shirts, hoodies, wristbands and even socks! Along with clothing, there are also balloons, bunting and paper cups and plates, perfect for your fundraising picnics! If someone you know is living with heart disease, you can also buy products as gifts which helps to provide physical comfort for those who need it.


If you’re planning to get involved in Wear It, Beat It on June 9th, let us know how you’re going to fund-raise by contacting us via Twitter or Facebook!


Summer Ideas for an Accessible Home

ideas  Summer 2017 leads on to earthen and muted colour palettes that can provide a sleek, subtlety to furniture and home items. Getting back to nature means heading to the great outdoors in style, with floral and botanical prints in deep green and blue hues. While at home, smart kitchen technology can enhance time spent prepping and cooking in the kitchen. Our hand selected products show you how even everyday living aids can be stylish but still practical.


Earthen Tones Earthern colours   Earthen and muted tones can add subtle style to home furnishings and living aids. The deluxe chair insert with its faux suede cover can provide elegant support for those who need a little extra padding while sitting.  A bamboo serving tray is a classic staple in any home and makes it easy to transport drinks or snacks. Our copper Curlew Scooter adds a splash of luxury but stays understated compared to the standard bold blue and red colours you normally find. The russet coloured Portland Recliner can add a rustic feel to a living room while dark wooden furniture raisers are subtle enough to blend with classic furniture styles.


Back to Nature back to nature Getting back to nature this summer, while all about making the most of the sun, the lively prints can put a spring in your step. Folding walking sticks are great if you need a little support while out and about and this season why not try a floral or botanical print to really feel summery! A garden kneeler can help with sore knees or provide a handy seat while sprucing up the garden this season.  The practical flipstick comes in a range of colours with the deep green being the most popular amongst avid hikers and walkers. If you’re looking for something a bit more robust for taking on a trip, either camping, hiking or just walking in the countryside – the Veloped Trek rollator is an extraordinary piece of equipment that will get you rolling around the hillsides in no time!


Smart Kitchen Smart kitchen   Smart kitchenware can provide a necessary helping hand while cooking and prepping in the kitchen. Smart openers like the Culinaire One Touch Can Opener and the Vertical Lever Corkscrew  make it easier to open cans and bottles while lessening any strain on the wrists or hands.  An Auto Chopper can make the most of a meal by chopping up vegetables easily and evenly. An over the corner colander stays up out of the way to maximise space and keep hands free to do other tasks.  Our exclusive white Uccello kettle offers effortless power pouring white its slick, modern design suits any kitchen. The clever talking measuring jug can read aloud the measurements allowing for a precise volume of liquid to be added.


To see the full collections, head over to our Summer Ideas for the Home page.


Step Into Your Stride With Our Exclusive Walking Sticks

 Our fantastic sale extravaganza is still on over at Amazon, where you can find great deals on rollators, accessories and walking sticks!

step intoWe have a range of fashionable and stylish folding walking sticks ranging in colourful and attractive designs. Our standard folding walking sticks come in a variety of eleven different colours and patterns, and fold easily for neat and simple storage, as well as being height adjustable to suit the needs of every user. An ergonomic handle crafted out of wood fits comfortably in either hand, whilst the aluminium sticks are made from is lightweight and easy to carry. Our folding Elite range consists of sturdy and portable walking sticks, available in seven different floral designs. The handle is smooth and curved, to fit ergonomically in both the user’s right and left hands. The sticks all feature a rubber ferrule on the base, which ensures stability and security whilst in use. Also featured in our range of folding walking sticks is the Fischer stick, which has a specially crafted handle designed to evenly distribute pressure in the user’s hand, and is ideal for users who have trouble gripping. It is available in a glossy black design and it is made from aluminium to ensure all users can carry the stick with ease, or fold it up to store in between uses.

  • Fold easily for convenient storage in between uses.
  • Adjustable sticks to suit the needs of every user.
  • A wide variety of colourful and attractive designs.
  • Comfortable handles to fit in the user’s hands.
  • Rubber ferrules to ensure stability and security.

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You can also choose from our range of non-folding walking sticks! Our chestnut walking stick is the perfect stick for stability and style, with a smooth and rounded elegant crook handle that can be looped on the user’s arm to carry easily. This sturdy stick stands at a fixed height of 36” and has a rubber ferrule firmly attached to the base. If you fancy something more colourful, try our Derby sticks which are available in five attractive pastel shades. Similarly, the handle allows the user to hook it over their arm, and the sturdy beech wood material provides a strong support for users. A robust rubber ferrule at the base of the stick ensures stability when walking, even if the ground is slippery. Also, our marbled design stick is the perfect walking stick for that bit of flair and style! Its main feature is an ergonomically designed handle which has a synthetic marble appearance to add class and attractiveness to this stick, whilst the simple black shaft adds simplicity and versatility due to its ability to adjust and be suitable for users of all sizes. Likewise, it also has a sturdy rubber ferrule to provide extra support and security.

  • Can hook onto the user’s arm to be carried.
  • Stylish and unusual appearance.
  • A wide variety of colourful and attractive designs.
  • Comfortable handles to fit in the user’s hands.
  • Rubber ferrules to ensure stability and security.

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