Spring 2017 – Ideas for the home.



Spring is in the air and it is the perfect time for refreshing your home. There are some beautiful homeware products this season and especially if you need those practical items that help to make everyday life easier but you also want them to look good.

Follow our guide below for the latest spring trends and take a look at how you can refresh your home for that fantastic, new spring feel.


Every day living aids are becoming much more sophisticated, with new and updated designs being made all the time as people want style along with practicality. This spring trend for 2017 is all about refined, beautiful products with touches of marble, brass and soft shapes.


If you are after the ultimate in luxury and comfort, look no further than the Santana available in 3 colours of leather or fabric, designed to go with any room. Pair with the High Vision Floor Light to make for a cosy reading corner. A stainless steel grab rail can offer support while blending effortlessly into any décor. For dining, an ergonomic cutlery set provides grip and comfort with a sleek design. If you’re looking for a bit of flare when it comes to walking aids, the marbled Fischer sticks are eye catching yet graceful, the faux marble design that never goes out of style and adds a little opulence. Our ever popular Let’s Go Out is a modern rollator that will look good whether you’re just nipping to the shops or off to a fancy restaurant.


Bright Green

It’s no surprise that bright green is such a popular colour for spring, with its vibrant hues it can brighten up any home.


Our Wade Dignity range can provide easier eating for those with tremors, dexterity problems and even dementia. Subtle features include deep bowls for effortless scooping, sloped bases and double handles. This range looks like ceramic but is much more durable and aids independent eating and drinking. Our EZ Squeeze can opener allows for anyone with the use of one hand to simply open food cans and tins.


Wood effect

Many homes have wood furnishings but it can often be difficult to find the right mobility aids to compliment the surroundings with a lot of them looking too clunky or made from plastic. With our wood and wood-effect products, you can get the right support you need from stylish pieces.


Our fireside and high back chairs are elegantly designed furniture piece with wooden accents that give a traditional feel. The chairs can provide great posture support and hours of comfort. Our panda bamboo range are natural, durable pieces. The furniture raisers enable the user to sit and stand comfortable from chairs or their bed while blending effortlessly. The step features an attractive wave design which gives grip and allows any water to flow away, making it suitable even for use in bathrooms. The wood effect grab rails are some of the most contemporary on the market, made from hard wearing plastic ensuring grip, strength and easy maintenance. A long handled bath brush is ideal for users with limited arm or shoulder movement to allowing for personal care and improvement in circulation and skin texture.

Tell us about your accessible home or any interior tips and tricks you have by tweeting us @AbilityStore!

You can see our full range in the Spring 2017 Collection category.


Managing a Meal

health and nutrition

Cooking is like marmite —  you either  love it or hate it. But for most of our life, we manage to do it. However, many people over 60 are finding it increasingly difficult to cook up the nutrition that they need daily, due to a loss of mobility or appetite. As this week is Health and Nutrition Week, here are a few tips below if you or someone you know are struggling in the kitchen — let us know if you try any out by tweeting @AbilityStore!



Often for people over 60 who are living alone, a meal for one can seem daunting and isolating. This is where family and friends can join in — a meal is much easier to prepare when there’s more people chipping in with food. A group of people close to you can provide emotional comfort as well as nourishment, and a social buzz can help rekindle a healthy appetite. A lack of interest in eating can often relate to feeling lonely or isolated, so lunch clubs are ideal to visit — you can learn to cook, eat properly and meet new people!

With this overwhelming surge of new technology, the kitchen can be a difficult place to navigate, especially for those with decreased mobility. Oxo has a range of fantastic products to be used for cooking, specifically designed for people who find kitchen gadgets a struggle. From graters and knives to peelers and a brand new spiralizer, these products are a must-have to turn your kitchen into a chef’s paradise.


It can often be difficult to build up an appetite if eating isn’t a priority for you right now. Although exercise may seem like the last thing you want to do, the NHS recommends it, especially for people aged 65 and older. Just a few minutes a day can help build up an appetite, plus you can keep healthy and mobile! Start slowly and build up, and you’ll be amazed at the return of your appetite.

A good idea is to switch to smaller meals, especially if three large meals a day is too hard to face. Light and frequent snacks are a good alternative, especially if they contain all the right proteins and nutrients, plus it means you don’t have to spend a long time in the kitchen with a complicated recipe. Try to avoid food containing saturated fats, like cake or fizzy drinks — stick to high-energy healthy snacks that’ll fill you up.


If a lack of culinary skills is what’s stopping you from cooking, check your local community centre for cooking classes! As well as learning to develop a new skill and make nutritious healthy meals, it’s also a great opportunity to meet new friends. A good one is Senior Chef, which is based near Canterbury and offers a free eight-week cooking course for people aged 65 and over.

There are also a range of charities that allow you to have your meal cooked by a volunteer. The Casserole Club is an excellent charity that you can sign up to and receive a free meal, whilst becoming friends with the volunteers, or neighbours, that bring them over! It’s a great way to ensure that you’re getting the nourishment you need, as well as regular social interaction to keep you healthy, physically and mentally.



The Importance Of Physical Therapy During Cancer



If you’re recovering from an illness or accident, physical therapy is a crucial part of rebuilding lost energy and mobility, especially if daily tasks and chores are becoming too much. Virgil Anderson, who was recently diagnosed with mesothelioma, (a cancer caused by asbestos exposure) provides important information about the benefits of physical therapy during his treatment, and raises awareness of how cancer treatment can affect you.

If you or someone you know has experienced the benefits of physical therapy, tweet us at @AbilityStore and let us know your thoughts and feelings about it!

Physical Therapy For Cancer Patients

In the past, cancer patients were treated with padded gloves both during and after treatment. Rest was the best medicine at the time. However, researchers are now discovering that moving and exercise are more important than perpetual rest. Explore the benefits and safe pathway toward a strong body through physical therapy and exercise. Patients may see faster recovery times as a result.

Slow and Steady

The best way to start any physical therapy is through a graduated schedule. Patients should begin with simple and small movements, especially after cancer treatment. Therapy specialists might have the person walk or stretch for several sessions. Patients move forward with their workout when the specialist feels that it’s appropriate. Moving the body forces the circulation to spread across the body, which nourishes the tissues. Ample nutrients, oxygen and other substances allow the body to heal after a cancer battle. The professional simply guides the patient through a safe routine in order to avoid any injuries.

Coping With Treatment Side Effects

According to the National Comprehensive Cancer Network, physical therapy and basic exercise helps patients deal with common side effects. In particular, fatigue tends to plague patients during and after treatment. Physical therapists encourage movement through each session, which boosts the energy levels. The body naturally responds to the exercise with good hormones being released into the tissues. Although fatigue and aches may not be entirely cured, they’re significantly reduced in intensity. In fact, some patients may not need as many prescription painkillers as before since the physical therapy is helping them cope in a natural way.

Strengthening the Muscles

During any cancer treatment, the body’s tissues decline. Tumours are targeted by the treatment, but healthy tissues can also be affected. Working in consistent physical-therapy sessions means that patients are building muscle. These tissues support the bones that are slowly gaining tissue after treatment as well. As muscles develop, patients will have a higher metabolism with a greater appetite. Because every body system is intricately connected, the physical therapy improves almost every aspect of the patient’s prognosis. A cancer diagnosis becomes a hurdle in life that can be challenged and won with perseverance.


Specialised Therapies for Each Patient

Every cancer patient is unique, which means that a physical-therapy session must be just as customised to the person. Working with a professional is beneficial because they can look at a patient’s physical and mental capabilities. As a team, patients and therapists set goals during the sessions so that there are milestones to chase and overcome. Communication between the parties is always encouraged because setbacks can occur. Therapists simply alter the sessions as necessary so that the patient can move through a challenging obstacle.

Considering Medical Tests Throughout

Physical therapists work closely with patients’ doctors because medical tests must be considered during any session. The American Cancer Society notes that blood tests are constantly being checked so that patients can recover with as much normalcy as possible. If red-blood-cell counts drop too low, for example, the patient has an anaemic state that must be addressed before any physical therapy. Both professionals will ensure that the patient is safe throughout the therapy so that it offers the most benefits. In many cases, the physical activity helps the ailment heal as the body gains more strength and immunity against germs.

When patients graduate from official physical therapy during cancer remission, it’s important to continue with daily exercise. Patients can work with their doctors in order to create a safe routine, including resistance training and aerobic workouts. Fighting cancer is a daily battle, but it can be eased with basic body movements.



Get Active!

get active blog

The cold weather is finally starting to ease off at last, providing the perfect opportunity to get healthy and fit for summer. For some, this may seem like a challenge — particularly if you are elderly or someone living with a disability. Fortunately, there are opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to get involved and get active, whilst having fun and making new friends along the way. Since March is National Nutrition Month, we’ve put together a selection of handy tips and links on how to keep fit this month. If you try any of these out, let us know by tweeting @AbilityStore!

Set up with the help of East Riding council along with Parkinson’s UK and the MS Society, Grin & Tonic is a weekly session aimed at providing fun activities for people with Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s. Taking place at East Riding Leisure Centres, these sessions include activities such as boccia, ten-pin bowling, kurling, table tennis and quizzes, and are a great way to meet new people — something which may often feel daunting if you struggle to leave the house. Parkinson’s UK have expressed that their aim for Grin & Tonic is to provide motivation and reduce the isolation that people with Parkinson’s can often feel, and so far it seems to be working! A participant at one of the sessions claims “the tutors were fantastic; they were always there when I needed any help” whilst another says that they’re “really looking forward to the next session”


According to EFDS, seven out of ten disabled people want to be more active, whilst psychological barriers play the biggest role in preventing them from taking part in sport. This fab charity has a range of programmes aimed at helping disabled people break those barriers through activities such as workshops, competitions, training and taster sessions across the country. Their website allows you to get involved, either as someone wanting to take part or as a fundraiser to help the charity progress. You can also donate to ensure that disabled people are active for life.

Exercise is particularly beneficial for the elderly as it can specifically help health problems such as blood pressure and angina, a poor appetite and also ease discomfort in the muscles or bones. It doesn’t have to be anything too strenuous — even something as small as exercising your legs whilst seated could make a difference, if you’re unable to stand. For wheelchair users, exercise is especially important as it can strengthen your arm muscles and reduce the risk of strains or other similar injuries when self-propelling a manual wheelchair. The NHS has lots of useful advice on their website on how to keep active if you’re a wheelchair user.




Accessible travel around the UK with guest contributor, lifestyle and travel blogger, Simply Emma.

If you’re looking for a getaway this year but don’t fancy that flight abroad there are plenty of beautiful and inspiring places right on your doorstep. Travelling can be stressful, even if it is only around the UK but this can be especially difficult for travellers with a disability. We have joined up with lifestyle and travel blogger Emma who has given us her best insights to accessible travel around the UK and all the best tips and tricks to plan that perfect trip.

You can see Emma’s wonderful travels on her blog at www.simplyemma.co.uk

Map Location Direction Location Remote Relax Concept

On your travels around the UK, where would you say have you experienced some of the best accessible locations? 

This is difficult to answer as I haven’t found somewhere that has been completely accessible. Most places have both good and bad points in terms of accessibility, but on the whole, I’d say the accessibility of UK locations is definitely improving.

Which form of transport do you believe has the best accessibility? Have you experienced a particular company that has gone above and beyond?

The majority of the time I use my own car for getting around, but if I’m using public transport then it’s usually either train or tram. Edinburgh Trams are particularly good for accessibility and I always enjoy my experience with them. The level access onto the tram is extremely easy and I love how spacious the dedicated wheelchair spaces are. Edinburgh Bus Tours and Lothian Buses are also very accessible. They both now have a fantastic wheelchair securement system called Quantum installed on their buses, which hold wheelchairs in place to prevent them from sliding around while the bus is moving.  My heavy wheelchair didn’t move at all even when the bus went around corners or over bumps.


Which areas of travelling do you believe need the most improvement when it comes to accessibility and disabled access?

I believe in order for disabled people to travel there first needs to be better accessibility information on websites, including hotels, public transport and attractions. By adding or improving access information on their websites these businesses will provide disabled people with the essential information they need which is then more likely to transfer into revenue. Having poor access information will turn away potential customers who have a disability because they won’t feel valued or catered for.

How easy is it to find a suitable accessible hotel in the UK? 

It can be a challenge to find an accessible hotel as many hotels fail to have accessibility information on their website or even an access statement. It’s important that hotel websites have clear descriptions of their accessible rooms with photos of the bedroom and bathroom. Before making a reservation it’s always a good idea to contact the hotel to confirm its accessibility and whether it will meet your access needs.


Of course planning ahead is a priority, are there any review websites/companies that are available to help with finding accessible hotels/tourist spots etc.?

There are many great websites to help you find accessible UK tourist attractions. My favourite is Euan’s Guide as it has lots of helpful reviews from other disabled people. Tourism for All and Limitless Travel are brilliant websites for information on accessible travel and hotels. And of course my website www.simplyemma.co.uk ;-)

Are there any essentials that you can’t travel without?

As a power wheelchair user, I can’t travel without my wheelchair charger. Without it, I’d have no way of charging my wheelchair and would, therefore, have no way of getting around. Another travel essential is my Radar Key and I take it with me at all times. This key allows me access to any locked accessible toilet around the UK. This saves me from having to search for the staff member who has the key wherever I go. Having my own radar key has come in particularly handy when stopping at service stations, shopping centres and tourist attractions throughout the UK. I’d highly recommend getting a radar key if you use accessible toilets.


When it comes to mobility aids, we have all the essential travel products to make holidaying that little bit easier in our walking and mobility section. If you have any tips for accessible travel tweet us @AbilityStore or post on our Facebook – www.facebook.com/AbilityStore



Kindness: How A Random Act Can Change A Life

February 17th is Random Acts Of Kindness Day in the UK, a day that started in Colorado in the 90′s and spread across the world. Will you spread your share of kindness this year? It doesn’t have to be anything big — something as simple as letting someone in front of you in a queue could change their day for the better. If you perform a random act, tweet us about it at @AbilityStore and help spread the kindness.


Some random acts can be hardly anything but can mean the whole world to the person who receives them. One random act of kindness was something that many of us could give away in a heartbeat — but for Geoff Kev, this random act of kindness involved one of his few possessions in life. Last August, Richard, a boy who was diagnosed with meningitis at only eleven months old and had to have both legs and one arm amputated, received a pleasant surprise off the kindhearted homeless man — a 50p coin. Whilst this may seem like a small thing, the coin wrapped in a McDonald’s napkin brought warmth to Richard and his grandmother; how long had Geoff Kev sat on the streets just for 50p which he had given to a disabled boy just like that? Meanwhile, a disabled American veteran renewed his faith for humanity when a brand-new lawnmower designed specifically for a disabled person arrived outside his door, with a heart-warming note thanking him for his service in the army.


Non-profit charity Random Acts works with volunteers around the world to fund and inspire ideas for random acts of kindness across the globe. On their site, you can volunteer to do simple things such as hand out a rose to the elderly on Valentine’s Day, or get involved with small acts on Microvolunteering Day, like writing a kind letter to a senior citizen. Kindness UK allows you to pledge on their website that you will do a good deed; these can include donating unwanted clothes to charity, leaving money near a parking ticket machine for the next person, offering a compliment to someone, joining or setting up a community centre and loads more!


Your random act can be as simple as a 50p coin or as life-changing as a new lawnmower; the point is, as long as you make someone happy you’ve done your bit for the world. If you see an elderly woman struggling with her shopping on the bus, lend her a hand, let her sit down first and you could even offer to pay her fare! Offer to pay for someone’s meal, give a homeless person a warm drink and words of comfort, even just hold a door for a complete stranger. Sometimes, kindness is too big for words, and actions can speak louder.




Giving the Gift of Love

6 Ways To Show Your Love…

Valentine’s Day is coming up soon, and what better way to show your love than by helping the ones closest to you? Loneliness can strike anyone at any time but for the elderly this can be particularly difficult to overcome. Whether it be a family member, friend or neighbour, everyone should feel loved. So here are a few simple ways that you can spread the love this Valentine’s Day! If you try any of these we’d love to hear from you, let us know the outcome by tweeting @AbilityStore Talk! Never underestimate the power of conversation — just a few friendly words from even a complete stranger can brighten up someone’s day and help them to feel included. The next time you see someone looking lost or lonely, have a chat, strike up some small talk and just watch their day (and yours) improve dramatically! For some this could be lifechanging; this is where our sponsored charity The Silver Line can help. Their free, confidential helpline offers advice and friendship for the elderly and their volunteers can provide reassurance and support.

Help! As well as conversation, helping with practical tasks can really put a smile on someone’s face. If you see someone struggling to carry their shopping bags, offer a helping hand and lift the physical and emotional weight from them!  Something as simple as offering to accompany them to pick up a prescription or walk a dog could really alter a person’s day — the tasks that might’ve seemed a struggle could be eased by a friendly action and companionship. pexels-photo-65568Volunteer! Again, The Silver Line is always looking for volunteers to offer friendship calls to the elderly; just one phone call could provide comfort and brighten someone’s day. Other organisations such as Age UK provide opportunities for volunteers to visit people who live alone or help them become more physically active, as a welcome distraction. With Age UK,  you could even help out in a day centre and spend your day putting smiles on people’s faces!

Eat! Often, isolated and elderly people can struggle cooking for themselves — what may seem like a simple task for many of us can be a challenge for others. If a family member, friend, neighbour or anyone else you know is finding it difficult to provide meals for themselves, why not cook up an extra plate or a frozen meal that can be easily heated up? As well as being practical, you can provide comfort in the form of food, spend time with a lonely person and lift the responsibility from their shoulders. Check out The Casserole Club; they recruit volunteers who are willing to cook an extra plate for someone in need and spend time with anyone who’s lonely. food-salad-healthy-vegetables Connect! Older people can have their doubts about technology but it can make a difference. For those away from their families, Skype and FaceTime provide a visual comfort, whilst sites like Facebook allow users to reconnect with old friends. Most libraries and your local Age UK can provide courses and training for people so they can learn basic computer skills; whilst learning new skills, they can also make new friends. For those with limited mobility, tablets are a great product as they are light and handheld with a large screen and less of those confusing buttons! The majority of tablets even have voice-recognition and are compatible with a stylus, so anyone can use them.

Plan! Having things to look forward to can really make the days fly by! If you know someone who is lonely, fill their diary with fun and easy activities to give them something to look forward to, even if it’s something as simple as going for a walk or going food shopping. Charities such as the Royal Voluntary Service include a list of activities on their website that can be enjoyed by anyone. pexels-photo-211047


5 of Our Bestselling Mobility Aids & Daily Living Aids


We have been taking a look at some of the most popular mobility aids and daily living products purchased by our lovely customers here at Ability Superstore, ranging from mobility aids like zimmer frames and daily living aids such as insoles and divided plates.

Our customers know what products work for them and have left some really useful reviews on some of the products, that help them, their friends and their family to live independently!

Mealtimes made easy with our Divided Plate

This divided plate came out on top in our list of best selling living aids. With it’s non-slip base and separate compartments, it’s clear to see why this durable plate is a hit with all ages.

Here’s what some of our customers had to say about the plate and how it makes mealtimes much simpler in their household.

divided plate disabled living aid

Click here to buy the divided plate in either red or white  

Fill your cup with confidence with our Liquid Level Indicator

We know how our customers enjoy a lovely warming cup of tea or a refreshing glass of water. However, filling a cup accurately might prove challenging for anyone with limited vision.

Our Liquid Level Indicator is super clever, and sounds a tone to indicate the level of the liquid inside the cup, giving confidence and assurance when pouring liquids. What’s more, the Liquid level indicator is approved by the RNIB as part of their living aids for the partially sighted.

Here’s what some of our customers had to say about the liquid level indicator and the confidence it helped bring to their homes.

mobility aids

Click here to buy the liquid level indicator

Xline Insoles to make standing and walking more comfortable

The Xline insoles are designed to help support the foot and provide instant relief for anyone suffering with foot aches and pains when either standing or sitting. The idea behind insoles is that they mimic the feeling of softer ground underfoot, easing any aches and pains. The Xline insoles can be trimmed to size to fit into any shoe or slipper.

Our customers have some lovely things to report since buying the insoles.

vision aids

Click here to buy the xline insoles from our online living aids shop

Walking Aids to increase mobility and independent living

Another one of our most popular products, the zimmer frame basket with tray fits onto any standard walker and allows for easy transportation of belongings. The basket attaches with velcro, making it easy to adjust and change if needed.

Using a walking frame can be a great way for someone to live independently at home. One customer who bought the zimmer frame basket explains:

zimmer frame basket

Find out more about our zimmer frame basket and which mobility aids it can be attached to, here.

Toasty toes with Thermal Bed Socks

Designed for both comfort and warmth, our thermal bed socks are the perfect solution for anyone who gets chilly feet in bed. The fleecy lining and velcro strap ensure that the thermal bed socks stay on the foot, keeping feet warm all night.

Our thermal bed socks were top sellers over the festive period and one of our customers left this rave review!


The fleecy bed socks are suitable for both men and women and can be purchased here.


The Connected Home: How smart gadgets are improving independent living

Technological improvements are constantly being worked on, so much so that we are always being introduced to the latest gadget, promising to make our lives that little bit easier. There are even some incredible pieces of technology already helping to save lives and keep people safe from harm, and it doesn’t stop there. An app has even been developed to help parents with diagnosing autism in children, and its creators are hoping to develop the software further to help diagnose PTSD, too.

A relatively new and upcoming addition to these technological advancements is the development of  “smart home gadgets”. Having already made their way into many homes across the country, it seems that they can offer all sorts of benefits to everyday life, including those with accessibility and mobility needs.


Find out more about smart home gadgets, how they are connecting our homes and how they can help to provide peace of mind when caring for our loved ones.

What exactly are smart home gadgets?

From temperature control app ‘Hive’ to voice controlled personal assistant ‘Alexa’, technology that connects with our homes is becoming more and more common.

With providing greater control and flexibility, these smart home gadgets can greatly improve the lives of those who find it difficult to get up and about, as well as offering independent living for longer.

Here at Ability Superstore, the home of independent living, we’ve looked into the way that this technology can aid independent living for longer.  

Using Hive to control the heat for our relatives, remotely

Of course, during the colder months, giving a quick call to our relatives to check they are warm enough and have everything they need is a great thing to do, however being able to control the temperature of their home straight from your mobile phone could offer some real peace of mind when it’s not possible to be there physically.


Hive is a piece of technology installed by British Gas, which taps into the heating system, allowing for remote control, wherever you might be.

Using Amazon Alexa to complete the weekly shop

Alexa is a virtual personal assistant, which is linked to an Amazon account. It is possible to add extra people to this account, making it perfect for adding a relative or friend who does not necessarily live in the same house as yourself.


One of the very useful ways which Alexa can be used, is to create and order a weekly shopping or grocery list. The user simply commands Alexa to add items to this shopping list and orders them to be delivered, all using simple voice commands.

Voice commands are perfect for people who have limited mobility, but want to continue living independently using all of the modern technology available to them.

Browse our range of mobility aids, designed to make independent living easier for longer.

Reducing worry for relatives living alone

Independent living and a ‘can do’ culture is something that we champion here at Ability Superstore. Another great feature of the Alexa personal assistant is the ‘history’ feature, where voice commands are recorded. At a very basic level, this can help families ‘check in’ on their loved ones, without intruding into their privacy, but still allowing for peace of mind.

Staying Independent at Home – How can we help?

Installing a ‘Telecare System’ is one way to raise an alert should there be a problem with a relative or loved one. These systems are hooked up to a range of sensors which can be tailored to the individual.


We stock an Auto Dial Panic Alarm, which comes with a pendant to be worn. This system can be programmed to alert pre-programmed numbers should an accident or incident occur.

Accessible Mobile Phones

Designers of mobile phones have changed the way that those with reduced mobility use this technology. From larger buttons to louder speakers, providing a relative with an easy to use mobile phone could offer real peace of mind when it comes to looking after your loved ones.


We stock a range of adaptive telephones, including the Clearsound Mobile Phone which has a loud ring and large buttons making it perfect for keeping in touch.

The Future of Assistive Technology

The future holds great things for assistive technology and “the connected home”. Last year, John Lewis created their very own version of a connected home, bursting with all kinds of quirky additions and appliances that offer complete control and flexibility throughout the home.

This is just a drop in the ocean in what smart home devices can offer, and we’re expecting the future to bring further comfort and ease of living, through more helpful technology. We offer plenty of mobility aids and equipment to help you with your independent living, be it in the comfort of your own home or out and about. Have a look around our website at our range, or if you have any questions for us at all, feel free to get in touch!

mobility aid christmas

Ability Superstore’s Gift Guide for Mothers, Daughters & Grandmothers

Christmas is less than a month away and I’m sure many of you have already kick started the usual spending spree, buying all kinds of wonderful presents for those closest to you. Of course, it’s not always easy – we all have at least one person who we struggle to find the perfect gift for

No need to worry though – we’ve got you covered! In our Christmas gift guides, you’ll find a variety of our favourite products that are perfect to treat someone to during the festive period. This guide looks at some of our fantastic gifts for the women in your life. Whether it’s for your mother, daughter or grandmother, to name just a few, you’ll find everything from stylish mobility aids to fancy gadgets.

Something stylish…

What woman doesn’t love being treated to something that’s going to add that extra bit of glamour to their day? Even mobility aids can add style, with some of the top picks from our range.

 Folding Elite Adjustable floral walking stick

Folding Elite Adjustable Floral Walking Stick

If the lady in your life needs a helping hand to get around, we have the perfect gift for them. Offering both mobility support and style all in one. Our floral walking sticks are practical yet pretty, all at the same time. When we were talking about giving something they both want and need, this is what we meant!

Their foldaway design makes our floral walking sticks extremely easy to carry around even when they’re not needed. If you know their favourite colour, even better! This walking stick comes in various colourful floral designs, so there’s plenty to choose from that they are bound to love.

Small Plate with Sloped Base

Small Plate with Sloped Base in an Iris Pattern

If you’re buying for someone who loves their food, why not get them this sloped based plate as part of their present pile? It’s fantastic for those who have difficulty moving their hands and ensures that they can savour every last bite of their dinner. We absolutely love the dish in an iris pattern – it’s a fabulous addition to any kitchen crockery.

Fun Blue Badge Holders

Patterned Blue Badge Holders

Perfect for everyday use on trips out with friends and family, these gorgeous blue badge holders make sure that  both parts of the badge are easily displayed and in style!

The badge holder is a great way of protecting their permit from the damp too and when not in use, it can simply be folded away and tucked into their bag. The red or purple polkadot pattern or the Bayswater Rose style for the ultimate girly accessory. Or how about the twit twoo style for any animal lovers you might be buying for?

Pure relaxation and indulgence…

Christmas time offers up the perfect opportunity to sit in front of the warm fire and cosy up with something comfy. We have a few new additions for the perfect indulgent and relaxing night in.

Heated foot warmer with massage option

Heated Foot Warmer with Massager

Perfect for those who often get chilly feet and toes, this heated foot warmer is made of micro-suede and sheepskin fleece – the perfect warming combo. Not only that, but with a hand remote to control the temperature and massage settings, they can tailor its use to achieve the comfort they need!

Luxury Lap Tray

Luxury Lap Tray in Assorted Designs

When the winter weather comes into play, nothing beats a warm bowl of something delicious by the fire and watching a good old fashioned Christmas film with the family. Our luxury lap trays make these moments even more indulgent, offering a comfortable spot to put your dinner on.

Available in four different designs, you can be sure to find a lap tray that they will love this Christmas.

For lovers of great gadgets…

Talking Photo Album

For those who love a nifty gadget our talking photo frame is the perfect gift. It offers 20 pages to fill with their favourite photographed memories, with the option to record voice clips for every page! What a fantastic way to truly relive happy memories, by having it read out loud as you flick through the photos?



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